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About KL Films

Originally based in Napa Valley, California, Kavin Lindgren (KL) Films is a photojournalist-style wedding videography service operating in California, Utah, and all around the United States. With over 10 years of experience, they have shot more than 100 weddings. Founder and owner Kavin works with his wife and a talented pool of videographers. Their wedding videos have been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty, and much more. Their candid video style aims to provide a naturalistic representation of your special day to treasure for years to come.


KL Films provides a full range of video and editing services. They can do anything from highlights to full feature coverage of your special day. In addition to local and destination weddings, they take on rehearsal dinners, after parties, and other wedding-related events. They bring drones for couples who want aerial footage and provide second shooters upon request. They work well with photographers and other vendors and are unobtrusive in their approach. Before making the final edits, they send a version of the video for your approval.

About Kavin

Kavin Lindgren (Headshot 1)
Kavin Lindgren (Headshot 2)

Hi I'm Kavin. I grew up in the snowy mountains of Northern Utah, I worked for a little while producing videos but my plan was always to go to Med-School, so after graduating college in Spanish and Chemistry, we headed to Vegas where I attended Med-School for one year, before I took a hard turn and moved to Southern CA with my wife and daughter with $300 in our account and we each started our own business. I was a stay at home dad for a few months while we got her eyelash extension business off the ground and then I dove in head first into starting a video production business.

I've loved taking photos and video as far back as I can remember. My dad bought one of those massive VHS shoulder rig recorders when I was 5 (where the viewfinder is only black and white and you were always blowing it trying to film that rainbow); I'd spend hours with my sisters filming, only to realize it was mostly just a bunch of nausea inducing shaky but hilarious footage. We eventually stabilized our shots by putting the camera on the dresser. My friends and I would write and film cops and robbers stories in my backyard and later created skiing and snowboarding edits to watch in the summer waiting for the next snow. Then friends would ask me to film their weddings. While it was a passion and a hobby, I never thought I'd be able to do it as a career. Now after 10yrs KL Films has grown from no portfolio, to managing a successful commercial/lifestyle/documentary & wedding video production team. We grew it first in Southern & Northern CA and now we travel
 all over the US and internationally to capture our client's vision. Primarily we cover all parts of CA, UT & AZ.

One of the biggest aspects that people comment on liking about my filming style is it's very photojournalist where people feel very comfortable being them.

I'm passionate about way too many things to list them here but number one is my family and we now have four kids! I know crazy right? But we love it so much bringing our kids on the road with us for work and definitely play, we've made some incredible memories together. Other highlights include that I'm a huge mental health advocate and run a podcast called The In My Head Podcast. We love all things outdoors, hiking, surfing, biking and skiing to name a few.

Sooooo.....enough about me, let's work together already!

As Seen on The Knot (KL Films)
As Seen on Wedding Wire (KL Films)
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